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CD-DataHouse offers a range of services with a few simple aims:

  • De-Risk your Storage Analysis and Storage Purchases
  • Ensure Purchases are implemented into Production expediently and not risk becoming shelf-ware
  • To ensure you invest in just what you need, rather than over spend
  • To ensure your investments provide a roadmap for future business growth and technical scalability
  • To ensure that appropriate knowledge is transferred to our client so they maximise their business and technical utilisation of the Storage Systems they have invested in


Assessment is the first step and here we aim to understand the relationship between users, applications, data, networks and then the impact on your storage subsystems.

Gap Analysis: What state are the current systems in, and could minor improvements result in significantly leveraged operational capability.

Or not so Simply stated:

  • Why is vendor X pushing me to upgrade
  • Are there other choices I’m not aware of?

Design: Outline and consideration of varying permutations and options to develop an architecture and ‘fill the blanks’ with varying technology options.

Implementation: Here clients may choose to implement themselves, and often this is the ideal outcome for all parties involved.

CD-DataHouse recommends an 80:20 rule to implementation, where our expertise is called in for the ‘difficult’ aspects of an implementation – and in some cases we are able to bill in quarter or half day blocks for such work.

One of the key implementation activities is knowledge transfer – either before the implementation, during and/or after.

As we see dozens of client per year, we collect a significant amount of ’empirical’ experience, that gives us an ‘ insight’ into certain projects.

Projects by their nature have patterns that are common to all organisations, and we strive to help overcome some of the more common issues.

If you would like to arrange an initial discussion around your Storage and Data protection requirements, please messbox contact us.

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