Backup monitoring for busy IT Managers

Start the day with a backup report easily understood in 6 seconds



Easy to read metrics tell you everything about your overnight backups

Sent to your iPhone or Android

Have your report for 8am, then get on with your day knowing which servers/VM's haven't been backed up


Drill Down

Touch or Click to drill a bit further


Stay in Control

1) Forward to your staff

2) One Click 'accept backups report' for ITIL compliance

3) Easy to read trend metrics going back over past days

Should I be doing this myself

IT Professionals workloads are never ending.

Backup reports can be complex.

They are often over-looked for a 'few' days.

When an end-user recall is requested, you're never sure if you actually captured the backup.


Pricing is two tier and based on:

1) Complex Business Critical Servers and VM's

2) The greater quantity of lesser Critical Servers/VM's

An initial set-up fee applies, followed by a monthly monitoring fee

Let CD-DataHouse run your reports

We use in-house technology and experience to read your backup reports and summarise them to the essentials you need.

We keep historic data, analyse trends and eliminate 99% of what you would typically consume in a backup report.

Deep drill down is maintained though in the event of critical issues.

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