Backup Systems Implementation along with a new Email Archive/Compliance solution

Founded in 1830, and based in Cumbria, Thomas Armstrong have revenues in excess of £200M per annum.

With many critical systems (ERP and file servers) still physical, recovery from a server outage was increasingly a worry.

Older legacy backup technology was unreliable and not suited to the new Virtual systems Thomas Armstrong were adopting.

We implemented a new high performance , affordable backup system, supply software, storage, servers along with implementation, training and ongoing support.

Primary Headquarters are backed up in less than 1 Hour, and replicated to a remote office for DR.

The system we implemented converts Physical Servers to Virtual in the event of a Disaster, allowing a rapid recovery turn around.

Services delivered:

Backup systems migration

Email Archive Compliance system

Data Sizes:



2-3 weeks

Data Types:

General Office Data