Financial Securities Trading


Backup System across 2 Sites

Our client, a leading European Securities Trading House were experiencing backup windows that were stretching into a 36 hour timeframe.

Certain virtual machines had become 'un' backable during the week - attempts to backup resulted in crashed VMs.

We implemented a new backup system, along with 200TB of backup hardware that resulted in 10-12 hour backups completing in 1-2 hours.

Since 2014, this new system has worked faultlessly, with backup now consuming a few hours per week of 'checks' rather than the 10-14 hours per week previously spent on fixing and re-running backups.

Services delivered:

Backup systems migration

Data Sizes:



Implementation, training and tuning delivered on site and remotely over a three week period

Data Types:

General Office Data

High Speed Transactional SQL Databases, Exchange