Technical Services & Support from one of EMEA's leading backup and storage integrators focused on CommVault

CommVault (ongoing) Backup Infrastructure Support:

CommVault (remotely) Managed Backup Services:

Simpana V10-V11  Upgrade Services:

CommVault consulting for system design, architecture and optimisation.

  • optimise for speed
  • optimise for minimum Tape consumption
  • optimise to reduce backend disk usage
  • optimise to move backup success rates into the high 95-99%

Keep your CommVault Backup System operating at Peak Performance

Use our extensive CommVault experience

Why uses CD-DataHouse's Services

Generally our  clients fall into two customer camps:

1) For smaller environments:   CommVault's great, but its a 'big product' and might be one of  50 technologies you are personally responsible for.

We'll provide that extra level of support when you need it.

2) For larger environments:

​We spend almost every day implementing and support dozens of CommVault systems.

Each new environment we encounter gives us something new to take to the next customer.

It would be highly unlikely that our perspective could not improve your environment, and at worst, engaging with our engineers could be a useful sounding board for your next big CommVault project.

About CD-DataHouse

Founded in 2009 and based in Bracknell, United Kingdom, we specialise in backup, archival and DR technologies, together with high performance SAN systems.

With experience gleaned from over 120 Backup projects spanning 15 countries, we offer an assured capability in support, implementation, maintenance and management of small to large backup systems.

CommVault Service Advantage Partner? What's does this mean?

CommVault Service Advantage Partner designation is one of the highest qualifications a services partner can achieve. ( more...)

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