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SAN Migration & All Flash Array design:

from 24U/80TB of old Fibre Channel SAN Storage to a modern 2U All Flash Array

An ageing Hitachi HDS array, experiencing periodic disk failures,  created an 'at risk' environment for 240 mission critical business applications - running on 50 physical servers and 150 VM's.

The ageing SAN also required 24U of rackspace, and 2.9 KW/h's of power and cooling.

Over 2 months of evenings and weekends, we undertook the complex migration of all 50 Physical Servers and the hypervisor hosts, finally turning-off the HDS array.

To support our project we selected and supplied: 

* a new 2U All Flash Array, delivering 70,000 IOPs and consuming 450 Watt/hours of power

* a 2nd Array for remote DR replication

* new fibre channel switching - as well as undertaking the SAN Fabric migration​

* and delivered a new Server farm / Hypervisor cluster made up of 17 Servers with 6,5000 GB of RAM and new over 1,000 Ghz of Xeon CPU cores

Services delivered:

SAN Design and Selection

Physical Server Migration

Virtual Server Migration

SAN Support Services

Data Sizes:



3 Weeks of Planning

10 Weekends of Migration

Data Types:

SAP, Oracle, Solaris, Xen