Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 Migration of  550 mailboxes

Founded in 1830, this construction company have revenues in excess of £200M per annum.

Mobile & Desktop email is the lifeblood of  this business, with client communication and invaluable tendering documents running back and forth through 550 mailboxes

Exchange 2013 offered many features that enhanced security of Smartphone emails; simplified IT's management of the Exchange Server and mobile devices; consumed less server resource than 2007; and included improved resiliency with features such as DAG.

We developed a documented Migration plan that focussed on risk (and mitigating that risk), and over a few weeks undertook the entire process of upgrade, migration and mailbox transition to Exchange 2013.

In total, over 550 mailboxes were successfully migrated.

Services delivered:

Exchange 2007 to 2013 Migration

Data Sizes:

1000 Mailboxes


2-3 weeks

Data Types:

Exchange 2007