Power, Process Control & Automation


New SAN Implementation, new Server farm

​Our client had 20TB of data stored on various 'pools' of internal Server disk.

Central Management and sharing of that data was difficult - and taking advantage of fail-over, HA and virtual machine migration was not possible.

At the same time, 25 Servers were near end of life.

Our brief was to design, supply and implement a new solution for which we:

  • supplied a 60TB SAN, and formed a Hyper-V Cluster, providing in excess of 50TB of usable capacity.
  • delivered 25 new Servers for Hyper-V 'computing' as well as Process Control Simulation
  • repurposed an 'old core' switch into a new 10GBe iSCSI SAN
  • and supplied an additional Tier 2 SAN as a Backup and DR Target

On-site knowledge transfer/training was also delivered.

Services delivered:

New SAN & implementation

Hyper-V Clustered SAN Implementation

25 New Servers for 1) Hyper-V general office computing and 2) Process control simulation

Data Sizes:



Implementation, training and tuning delivered on site and remotely over a 2 week period

Data Types:

General Office Data

​ &

Simulation and Process Control Data