600 Terabyte per Library with LTO8(M)

Use 1/7th the amount of media compared to LTO5

Your End of Month 40 TB backup now fits on 2 pieces of LTO media

Backup and Recovery performance start at 12 Gbps and goes higher

"Tell me about Modern Tape"

We're not talking about antiquated LTO 6 or 5 or 4, or barely there LTO 7 - But LTO 8(M) and LTO8






Tell me about LTO8(M)

LTO8-M stores 22TB per piece of LTO.

6 times as much as LTO5

3 times as much as LTO6

How do I take advantage of LTO8 (M)

Using a typical 30 Slot LTO 8 library (costing between £6-9K), reserve 5 Slots, specifically for performing monthly backups. 

Eject the 5 LTO tapes that are produced and put in a fire safe (or take off site)

Now use the remaining 25 slots to store nearly 600TB of backups - within the library - 'on line'. 

Depending on your datasize, this could be 6-24 months of on-line data.

What's the difference between LTO8 & LTO8M

LTO 8 stores 30TB compressed and costs around £140 per piece of media.

LTO 8M stores 22.5TB, but costs just £55 per piece of media.