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Welcome to CD-DataHouse – the home of innovative Data Protection, Data Recovery and Storage Systems.

Specialising in first understanding how data is ‘used’, stored and retrieved, we then design solutions at 1/2 to 1/5th the total cost you may have previously considered.

Next Generation BackUp and Disaster Recovery implementations now provide many previously unthought of side benefits:

How about Zero BackUp Windows; Elimination of 80% of Tape; Microsoft Exchange Recoverable in 30 Seconds; DR Across 5 Mbps rather than 50Mbps using WAN Data DeDuplication techniques.

Expensive SAN Upgrades or BackUp software Maintenance charges looming.

High Costs for ‘Tape Off-siting’?

Even higher annuity charges for ‘low value add’ DR contracts

It’s likely your ongoing OpEx is all the investment required to non-disruptively implement improved Storage Systems.

Get in touch for a no-charge initial ‘Storage Economics’ assessment.

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