Backup and Storage Specialists

CD-DataHouse Limited is an innovative Storage Systems & Data Protection Integrator.

Our projects are delivered to Small to Medium Sized Enterprises or at a Departmental Level for Global Corporates and range from a few Terabytes to 10 Petabytes.

  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SAN / NAS systems
  • Active Archiving

Founded in 2009

Data Backup Projects Delivered

Our single largest installed project

17 Major Cities across 8 Countries and 4 Continents all have backup Systems designed and installed by CD-DataHouse Limited

The CD-DataHouse experience is built on four key strengths very hard to find anywhere else

Obtaining a Deep Understanding of  Your Storage Infrastructure

Strategic Design & Implementation

World Class Backup Expertise

Taking a Pragmatic Approach to Cost & Savings


IOPs - Sizing your Next SAN Upgrade

900TB Online Archive Implementation for a Customer

Our view on the EMC VNXe series

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