"I love Veeam, but back end storage growth is never ending..."






At CD-DataHouse, we think Veeams great.

In fact Veeams brilliant.

But - backend storage grows quickly and can soon be a headache.

Here we explore a few options for:

1) Backend Storage

2) Using Veeams native DeDupe &

3) Enterprise Class DeDupe devices.

Suprisingly - you don't always have to spend 'big' to meet your needs.

We start with "No to Low" cost options & move upward from there


We've included a few Pro-Tips - Do's, Dont's and  Gotcha's -

Click through the  " ... more ..." to reveal the Pro-Tips

ZFS (Freenas) - Build your own Backend Storage

ZFS is a very low cost route to add 10 to 80TB (or more) of back end storage for Veeam Backup copies

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Windows Native DeDupe

DeDupe ratio's are suprisingly good, and for the cost of a Server License you have your own 'DeDupe Appliance' ... read on ..

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Petabyte Level Backend for Veeam

Build out a Veeam Backup Repository Petabytes or more in size.

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Synology:  24-144TB

Synology offers incredible value for money - for around £3,100 you can rack up 48TB in 2U, and grow from there

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Veeam Native DeDupe

Use what you've got

Get Veeam to do the DeDupe and Compression, and bolt-on 480TB in a 4U chassis

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3 Copies of your Data

2 Types of Media

1 Copy off site

When there is a definitive require to have a final fall back plan - Tape can't be beat

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Exagrid 'defining' the meaning of affordable DeDupe appliances

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EMC DataDomain

​The industry's leading DeDupe appliance

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HP StoreOnce

HP's Brilliant DeDupe Appliance

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When you've finally had enough of trying to manage your retained data

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Backend storage growth adds to those headaches - and faced with a £30-40-£50K proposal from a DeDupe vendor, you're left juggling multiple questions

  • Do I actually need a DeDupe box?
  • Can my Veeam policies be optimised to generate less data​?
  • Why is a 48TB Synology £3-£4K and a 48TB DeDupe Appliance £30-40K?
  • & how does Veeam Version 9's Scale out back end help me consume less disk?

“We chose CD-DataHouse as we knew they had a great depth of knowledge in storage and backup technologies, could rely on them to implement them properly, and achieve it all at a competitive price.”

-     Paul Huxham - Senior Analyst - Foot Anstey LLP

By working with us, you'll benefit from our specialised Veeam knowledge applied to the following areas:

Size right - The first time

Make it work right - The first time

Optimise our storage spend

Whether you use Veeams native DeDupe (Its free- so lets work out how to use it)


whether your situation requires DeDupe appliances,

we've got the experience gained from over 135 backup projects , from 1TB to 1400TB in size, to be a valuable source of input as part of your decision making process.