Cloud Backup as a Service

Why MetroStor by CD-DataHouse Ltd?

Since 2009, we've deployed over 120 backup systems - from 1TB to 750TB in size. 

This experience has forged our practices and discipline to deliver an exceptionally robust Cloud Backup service and experience - MetroStor!

Today we support in excess of 1 Petabyte of Backups for our customers.

Your Data and Systems Backed Up

MetroStor backs up and retains your data to our UK Tier 3 ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 datacentres.

Be ready for recovery whether its:

- a single server

- dozens of offices spread across a continent​

- or your Corporate Headquarters with hundreds of Physical servers, VMware or Hyper-V Hosts

The MetroStor Difference

  • MetroStor Cloud Backup means you have a team of dedicated Backup & Data Protection Engineers on standby when your recovery requirements become critical.

MetroStor Flex Up & Down

  • Grow your Backup and Data protection requirements - both UP and DOWN in size:-
  • Pay based just on what you use.

MetroStor & You

MetroStor provides a complete backup platform:

  • you eliminate owning, expanding, managing or paying complex 'vendor' licenses for backup software
  • you have full assurance your data is backed up - off your site - and secured into our Tier 3 certified Datacentres

MetroStor Cloud Backup Solutions

1) MetroStor Enterprise Protection (MEP):

  • You have complex database or application requirements such as SAP R/3, Oracle or Sharepoint
  • You need mutiple backups , dozens of times during the day
  • MetroStor Enterprise is for businesses from 1TB to 1 Petabyte, with Physical Server, Virtual Server (VMware, Hyper-V) and complex application/database requirements

2) MetroStor File Protection (MFP):

  • You require long term, deep 'archive' of your file systems for compliance, backup, recovery or tape elimination purposes
  • MetroStor File captures every daily version of a file, going back years,  to be held securely off site - with 256 Bit Encryption.
  • MetroStor File (MFP) might typically be used where you:
    • have an existing on premise 'backup' system in place (such as Veeam or Backup Exec)
    • But you still need file level and long term file versioning for backup
  • Various options exist to ensure your data is kept in a format that ensures deep levels of archival retention

Why is MetroStor Different - The 4 R's of Cloud Backup

It's about Retention

  • MetroStor is about Short and Long Term retention of your data
  • Its about multiple copies of your data, geo separated, with multiple retention points across time, allowing you to rollback and recover under almost any scenario

It's about Recovery

  • It's about options for shipping data back to you, rather than a months wait for 20TB to be pulled across your 100Mbps WAN links.
  • or connect anywhere globally, and quickly retrieve a single critical file - typically the one your CFO needs for the next quarterly Board meeting.
  • or keep a 'cache' of your Backups at your own premises - giving you ultra rapid backup recovery - something we recommend for all customers with 10TB or larger.

It's about Resilience

  • It's knowing your data is safe for 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 7 years.
  • We'll provide you with options to deliver 'deep resilience'. Your business can secure critical financial or compliance information for recall far down the track. That's not something your mass market backup MSP can or would be willing to do.

It's about Rest (and sleep)

  • or as one of our customers commented:
  • " Thanks .. that’s splendid. Looking forward to going back to those peace of mind sleeps at night! "

MetroStor Cloud Backup Features

Service Features:

  • Remote Off site Backup
  • Ultra low WAN Bandwidth consumption
  • Encrypted WAN Traffic
  • All data is encrypted in our datacentre - only you have access

MetroStor Data Sizes:

  • Typically 1-200TB
  • Custom design for requirements over 200TB

MetroStor Remote:

  • Backup 256 Offices simultaneously
  • Protect 1 to 10,000 Laptops
  • Backup your global remote offices, even when WAN latency is an issue

MetroStor Data Types:

  • Hyper-V
  • VMware
  • Linux/UNIX
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SAP
  • Azure & AWS Instances


MetroStor - Cloud Backup

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