Backup and DR for a 24 x 7 Social Media Business

Cloud DR


10TB: Social Media Back-Up

The UK is home to some of the most exciting Web 2.0 companies developing complex API applications ramping for use to a 24/7 global audience.

Whilst some of these companies may implement their system in Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure cloud, others require end to end control of their own infrastructure and management of their data security.A social media company experiencing rapid growth had a restrictive budget to fund the ‘hidden’ essentials of Back-Up.They approached CD DataHouse to help them understand their storage options.

A comprehensive review of the client’s previous ‘reseller’ proposals highlighted a common problem. Often these proposals are put together by IT generalists with limited technical or product knowledge of Back-Up and DR. Such proposals are often over engineered, based on wrong assumptions, and fail to make use of the applicable and current technologies.

With the client’s objectives in mind, CD DataHouse advised the client on their negotiations with their Physical Server vendors to obtain the right price points for 80TB of Physical storage. We also installed 11TB of Back-Up for 50 physical servers and supplied their VMware system to support their DR.

During our design service we aim to deliver:
  • A full and detailed assessment of your current infrastructure
  • Gap Analysis of where you are now, storage needs, operational capacity and data needs for the future
  • Consideration of different options to develop an architecture to suit current and future needs and budget available
  • CD DataHouse recommends an 80:20 rule where our expertise is called on for difficult aspects of the project

Through this consultative process with the Social Media Client, CD DataHouse delivered significant project savings of over 70% on the final solution. Their storage solution is now 100% reliable and allows them to easily scale to 50-80TB’s of growth over the next 24 months.

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    Project Outcome:

    • Virtual and Physical Back-Up with one product
    • Over 10TB of data protected
    • Delivered significant savings for the client
    • Near Instant DR Capabilities


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