Disaster Recovery Technical Readiness Assessment


Disaster Recovery ‘implementations’ are perceived to be a costly exercise, with little or no return.

The ‘DR’ equipment and DR site sits in a lights out and unused mode?  Right?

CD-DataHouse Limited provides deep level Disaster Recovery expertise to undertake an assessment of:

  • Your existing Production Storage Systems
  • Your Applications
  • Application Usage patterns
  • Batch and Transactional I/O utilisation
  • Peak Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly usage of data and Applications

We then discuss your:

  • RPO
    • Recovery Point Objectives – ie How much data can be lost
  • RTO
    • Recovery Time Objectives – ie How soon do your Applications need to be online


From here, a map of RPO and RTO by Application, by Department/User type and other parameters can be developed.

This  allows a full assessment of:

  • What is ‘possible’ in the context of your current Storage, Tape, Data and Network (WAN)  infrastructure
  • What small additions could be made that could provide significant DR leverage
  • How your business would obtain the greatest level of return for the least investment

We then highlight how other CD-DataHouse clients use their DR sites as ‘active’ data centres, where the remote data and systems have been used for activities such as development, management reporting, etc.

At the same time we will also outline a Full Roadmap for extended DR capabilities, along with indicative budgetary pricing, that will allow you to understand the Returns and Investment strategies you might follow over an 18-24 month period.

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