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    Which of the following is your current main backup technology

    [checkbox product-used "Backup Exec" "ArcServe" "EMC/Legato Network" "Symantec/Veritas Netbackup" "IBM ADSM / Tivoli" Other"]

    How much data do you need to Backup

    0-1TB1-2TB3-5TB6-10TB10-20TB21-50TB51TBs and larger

    How many VMware (or Hyper-V) Virtual Machines need to be protected (i.e. The number of Servers you run VMware across)

    1-56-1011-2021-4040-8080-150151 Servers and more

    How many overall CPU Sockets are there in the Servers needing protection

    123-56-1010 or more