Hitachi HUS 150

Hitachi HUS 150

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Hitachi HUS 150
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Hitachi HUS 100 Family
Hitachi Unified Storage


Hitachi HUS 100 family delivers the fastest midrange storage system available today. With the best combination of random and sequential performance for both file and block data, HUS 100 family can help you achieve performance goals at the lowest possible price. High-end storage functionality, such as dynamic load balancing and auto-tiering make performance levels predictable even in rapidly changing workload environments. Each model can be configured to full capacity with solid state disks for maximum performance.




 Max. Number of Drives  960 LFF/960 SFF
 Max. Raw Capacity  2880TB (3.5″SAS)864TB (2.5″ SAS)384TB (2.5″ SSD)
 Block Module  
 Height  3U
 Cache per Module  32GB
 Max. LUN size  128TB
 Max. Number of LUNs  4096
 File Module
 Height  3U
 File System Size  256TB
 Number of File Systems  128
 Cache per Node  32GB