Nimble CS300

Nimble CS300

Starting at £32,750

for 24 TB

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Nimble CS300
Nimble CS Array
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The CS300 is ideal for midsize IT organisations or distributed sites of larger organisations.

It offers the best capacity per £ for workloads like Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual sever consolidation. The CS300 delivers 1.6x more IOPS than the CS215.

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 Base Performance Family    Nimble CS-Series Array – CS300
 Raw Disk Capacity Base (TB)  12  24  36
 Min. Usable Capacity (TB)  8  16  25
 Effective Capacity Base (TB)  8-16  16-32  25-50
 Effective Capacity Maximum (TB)  220  236  254
 Max. Number of Disk Expansion Shelves  Up to 3
 Base/Max. Flash Capacity Per Array (GB)  640 to 3,200
 Max. Flash Capacity with All-Flash Shelf (GB)  16,000
 Power Requirement  500W
 Dimensions  5.2″ H x 17.2″ W x 26.5″ D (3 Rack Units)
 Weight  76 lbs