Backup migrating away from Veeam

No more Veeam for this Team!


30TB: Premier League Backup

On paper the backup strategy of this club appeared robust. However, through our experience we recognised that it provided limited defence, it was time to take their backup on the offensive.

Our client was significantly virtualised, though many key systems still remained Physical. Virtual backup technologies are ideal at capturing the entire ‘VM’, but are unable to index and record the content within the VM. This makes long-term retrieval of data a difficult and messy operation.

CD DataHouse Solution – Assessment, Gap Analysis, Design, Implementation

Following a detailed assessment and Gap Analysis, CD DataHouse designed and implemented a Back-Up solution for the client that used a Single Enterprise Class product, which simplified and unified the client’s 40TB backup problem.

Over a period of 4 months, under a fixed price contract, we migrated the client from two Back-Up products to one. On-site training was provided and the system was jointly monitored for a 4 week period. This eased the learning process for operators as they transitioned to the new system.

Are you managing multiple Back-Up products for your virtual and physical needs?

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    Project Outcome:

    • Moved to a Unified Back-Up solution
    • Over 30TB of data protected
    • Multi-site installation
    • On-Site training was provided
    • System monitored for 4 weeks post implementation