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20TB: Mission Critical SAN Migration for the NHS

Migrations of Fibre Channel SANs are relatively easy – but iSCSI SAN migrations of Physical Servers are tough. Extensive Systems and Data migration involving night and weekend work, ensuring no morethan 10 minutes down time per Server are a prerequisite of the job.

CD DataHouse SAN Migration Audit:

Our client, a large NHS Trust had been running 20 of its most complex 24x 7 systems as physical Servers. They had never created a ‘downtime window’ to virtualise and upgrade their systems thus risks were being taken with over 20TB data attached to a SAN reaching end of life.

As a point to Point iSCSI SAN, we were faced with a complex Task:
  • How to migrate a Server-to-SAN relationship
  • How to migrate to a new SAN
  • Individual Servers were up to 4TB in size
  • Ensure no more than 10 minutes downtime per Server
  • Design a solid ‘fall back’ plan

Following weeks of planning and testing, migrations took place over evenings and weekends. During 7 weeks, every mission critical system was migrated to the new higher performance SAN.

We like to think the Trusts data and systems are now in ‘good health’.

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    Project Outcome:

    • Online Migration of Data
    • Over 20TB of data migrated
    • Less than ten minutes downtime per server
    • Higher performance SAN operational within weeks
    • End of life SAN can be retired

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