Blistering SSD performance for SQL, Oracle and VDI projects

Blistering SSD Performance for SQL, Oracle and VDI projects:

3.6 or 7.2 Terabyte of SSD in 2U of rack space


Blistering SQL Performance is now achievable by holding SQL (or just tempdb) entirely within solid state disk (SSD).

Yet, an SSD card devoted entirely to a single SQL Server is not always the ideal solution.

NexSan’s Technologies SSD Accelerator SAN farm delivers:

  • 40 Gigabits per second of iSCSI connectivity
  • 32 Gigabits per second of Fibre Channel connectivity
  • with either 3.6 Terabytes or 7.2 Terabytes of SSD (smaller configurations are available)
  • in a low profile 2U rack configuration

This level of shared SAN connectivity means Blistering SSD performance can be shared amongst multiple SQL, Oracle and other Servers, including front end Web Servers.

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NexSan E18
3.6 or 7.2 Terabytes of SSD Storage
in 2U of rackspace


The E18 achieves IOP performance levels equivalent to 600 to 1200 physical spinning disks – yet does so in a small 2U chassis

NexSan Technologies, founded in 1999, have shipped over 30,000 SAN’s worldwide.
In use across NHS Trusts, Universities, Banking and Finance, NexSan is the proven choice for ‘cost correct’ power efficient storage storage.

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Databases and SSD’s
SSD’s typically retrieve data at 100 times the ‘seek’ rate of physically spinning disks.

A Spinning disk might take 4-8 milliseconds (10^-3 ascends) to retrieve data from a disk, where an SSD will take 30-40 microseconds (10^-6 seconds) to achieve the same retrieval.

Subsequently, Database IO queues plummet, meaning SQL & Oracle Servers spend less time waiting and more time processing, resulting in increased server efficiency resulting in:

  • Database Servers with smaller CPU’s and memory foot prints than originally thought
  • i.e.  lower cost Servers OR more Virtual SQL Servers per ESX/Hyper-V host
  • and lower SQL (or Oracle etc) CPU based licensing charges
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