NexSan E5110 NAS

NexSan E5110 NAS

30 Terabytes in 3U:  £9,980

Expandable to 62 Terabytes

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Competitive NAS products are either too pricey or deliver too few features.

The Nexsan E5000 family  delivers a NAS that is faster, easier, more affordable and fits in a smaller space.

  • 3U for 30TB ; 5U for 60TB ; 7U for 180TB and beyond for Petabytes

A revolutionary  GUI streamlines setup and management, and has been designed to deploy in under 15 minutes to

In addition, the E5000 utilizes all drive types, leverages multi-core Xeon-based controllers and delivers industry-leading storage density and power management with up to 3X the density at up to 85% energy savings in the integrated E-Series disk array level.

Key Benefits
  • NFS/CIFS shared folders
  • Snapshots
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • Synchronous Replication
  • Quotas and thin provisioning
  • FASTier™ SSD-based cache delivers blazing-fast I/O
  • Enterprise-class reliability and fault tolerance
  • Utilize SSD, NL-SAS, SAS and SATA drives
  • Active Directory and LDAP integration
  • Online capacity expansion
  • Industry-leading efficiencies with 60 disks in 4U storage arrays and up to 85% energy savings

E5000 Familiy Features (not all apply to the entry level E5110)


NAS (CIFS and NFS) Services

Shared Folders can be accessed through CIFS, NFS or both. FTP services are also provided.

FASTier™ Cache

SSD technology is used to accelerate read and write IOPS and throughput. FASTier works transparently so there is no administration burden to turbo-charge I/O performance. FASTier is especially useful for random I/O workloads such as databases or for VMware, Xen or Hyper-V environments.

Online Capacity Expansion

Add additional LUNs to the any storage pool to increase its capacity on the fly without impacting active clients. I/O will automatically be balanced across all LUNs by the E5000.


There is no performance penalty for taking snapshots. Up to 2048 snapshots per share are supported. Storage does not need to be reserved to hold snapshot data. The management GUI makes it easy to setup and manage snapshot creation and deletion schedules. Snapshots are mountable as CIFS or NFS shares. A full copy of a snapshot can be created for testing or other purposes. Granularity is per pool or per share.

Asynchronous Replication

Asynchronous replication is WAN efficient because it only transmits delta blocks to the destination side. All snapshots taken on the source side are available on the destination side for backups, data mining or testing purposes. Granularity of replication is a storage pool or a share.

Synchronous Replication

Synchronous replication places two Nexsan E-Series storage systems under the Nexsan E5000 head, each connected via Fibre Channel. Writes are acknowledged after they are placed onto both E-Series, so they are always identical. Together with failover/failback support, synchronous replication provides the utmost in business continuity.

Quotas / Thin Provisioning

Similar to thin provisioning in the SAN block world, more storage can be allocated to shares than actually exists in the system – referred to as oversubscription. Alarms warn of limits reached, so storage can be added.

Link Aggregation

IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation allows multiple Ethernet ports to be combined for faster throughput.

Data Protection Suite

Provides Nexsan E5000 with snapshot and replication capabilities.

Performance Enhancement Packages

Increase the memory in a Nexsan E5310 to 48GB per controller or increase the memory in the E5510 to 96GB per controller, and add a second Xeon multi-core processor to the controller.



RAID 10/5/6 are provided to protect against a single drive failure or two drives failing at the same time.

High Availability

All active components are redundant and hot-swappable including power supplies, disks and controllers.

Nexsan E5510 and E5310 Controller I/O Ports

Each Nexsan E5310 or E5510 storage controller provides two to six 1Gb Ethernet ports, two optional 10Gb Ethernet ports; as well as two to six 8Gb Fibre Channel ports for connection to the E-Series disk arrays.

Nexsan E5110 Controller I/O Ports

Each Nexsan E5110 storage controller provides two to six 1Gb Ethernet ports, two optional 10Gb Ethernet ports, as well as a SASx4 port (24Gb/s) connection to the E5100X expansion chassis.


Industry-leading Storage Density

The Nexsan E5110 delivers up to 32 drives in 6U of rack space, providing an industry-standard 5 drives per U of storage density.

The Nexsan E5310 delivers up to 240 drives in 19U of rack space, while the E5510 delivers up to 360 drives in 27U, providing an industry-leading 13 drives per U of storage density..

AutoMAID® Power Management

In the Nexsan E5310 and E5510, each RAID set can have its drives progressed into deeper power saving levels when they have not been accessed for a specified period of time, saving up to 85% in power in the disk array. No changes need to be made to applications to get the advantages of AutoMAID.


Quick Start wizard

Get the storage system up and running in 15 minutes or less.

Easy to Manage

A revolutionary GUI design makes it easy to set-up, manage and monitor the storage system. Wizards guide the IT generalist through setup, share creation and management, snapshots, volume management, replication, clustering, user management and security, and setting up alerts.

Web-based Management

A Web server residing in the storage system presents the management GUI in a Web browser. Administer storage systems remotely. There is no need to install management software on a client computer and keep it updated. Use Windows Computer Manager to manage Share/Folder/File permissions for users and groups.

Single Pane-of-Glass Management

Remotely manage one or many systems. Nexsan storage systems find each other, and appear in the management console, which displays their health using red/yellow/green indicators. Easily move between systems to administer them.

Automatic RAID Set Maintenance

In the event of a drive failure, spare drives are automatically added to a RAID set and a RAID set rebuild is run – all without any manual intervention being required.


Alerts are sent via SNMP or email and are stored in system log files. They are transmitted to the Web browser-based management console.

NTP client

Network Time Protocol client relieves the administrator from having to set, adjust and synchronize clocks across systems.


Backup with popular backup and restore solutions through the industry-standard NDMP V4 interface. NDMP V4 preserves all access rights for CIFS and NFS shares, and uses background snapshots for fast backups.

Active Drawer Technology™

Active drawers hold the drives to enable easy, hot-swappable management of extreme density without heavy lifting or having to power down the Nexsan E5310 or E5510 storage system. On the Nexsan E5110, the drives are front-accessible.