SpectraLogic T120

SpectraLogic T120

Starting at £11,200

for up to 750TB of capacity & 1 Year Warranty

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SpectraLogic T120
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Highly flexible, the T120 allows you to start with the Enterprise-level features that you need now and scale from 30 slots up to 120, providing a storage capacity of 750TB of compressed data. With the ability to install up to 10 half-height LTO-6 tape drives, the T120 offers compressed data transfer rates up to 14.4 TB per hour. The T120 allows you to hit the bull’s-eye every time with this exceptionally high-performance tape storage solution.


Case Studies

Drive Type Max Drives Max Slots/Tapes Max Capacity Max Throughput 
LTO-6 FC Drive Single Port  10  120  300 TB Uncompressed750 TB Compressed  5.8 TB/hr Uncompressed14.4 TB/hr Compressed
LTO-5  10  120  180 TB Uncompressed360 TB Compressed  5.1 TB/hr Uncompressed10.1 TB/hr Compressed
 Physical Characteristics  Height  Width  Depth  Weight
 Inches  24.5 “  17.5 “  36.5 “  Approx. 262 lb / 119 kg maximum
 Centimetres  62.2 cm  44.5 cm  92.7 cm