We have moved to new offices

We've moved (offices) into our Tier 3 DataCentre

providing near term expansion capability of 6-12 Petabytes

Our Tier 3 Bracknell DataCentre Co-Lo provider is ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant and houses the operations of another 50 UK businesses.

Over the past two years, we've expanded our Managed Recovery and Managed Backup offerings.

It was time to move geographically closer to our Primary Datacentre location.

As luck would have it, our DataCentre provider was converted a 'media management' room, into office space for us.

We're now part of a facility that has onsite 24 x 7 security guards, Grade-A office space and parking with an on-site coffee shop and cafeteria.

We're better able to:

  • handle urgent Backup Tape recall requests
  • and provide remote hands capabilities
  • as well as keeping a general eye on the disk and server farm that drives our backup and DR operation