EMC VNXe SAN – Storage made Simple


EMC VNXe 3150

Unified SAN & NAS

£6500 – £10,200

for 24 x SAS Drives delivering 7.2TBClick for a Quote

A superb entry level SAN able to drive Exchange, SQL and a VMware or Hyper-V farm. Ideal for a typical office environment of 100-300 staff.

Video Demo of the VNXeTop 10 Reasons to Deploy vSphere on EMC VNXeEMC VNXe Specs/Data Sheet Brochure
EMC VNXe Simple Affordable
EMC VNXe - Unify iSCSI Block Level Storage with CIFS/NFS Filer Storage
VNXe3150 VNXe3300
Max Number of Drives 96 120
Total Raw Capacity 192 TB 240 TB
Supported LUNs Up to 128/256 (single/dual) Up to 512
Maximum LUN Size 2 TB 2 TB
Maximum File System Size 16 TB 16 TB
File: Number of X-Blades Integrated Integrated
File: Protocols NFS, CIFS NFS, CIFS
Block: Number of Storage Processors 1 or 2 2
Block: Protocols iSCSI iSCSI
Management and Base Software
  • Unisphere
  • Protocols
  • File DeDupe / Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Snapshots
  • Unisphere
  • Protocols
  • File DeDupe / Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
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