Products & Partners


Main stream vendors such as EMC, NetApp and others have achieved Industry ‘Tier 1’ levels of brand recognition.

Yet there was a time when EMC and NetApp were unknown innovative small vendors pitching their wares against the Storage heavy weights of IBM, HP and others.

Innovation never stops and there are dozens of robust and growing companies that have grown beyond the ‘start up incubation’ phase and for the past 5-15 years, have been offering incredibly good value Storage technologies to the market.

CD-DataHouse’s focus is on those vendors and technologies that provide ‘enhanced’ value, either through price or through significant feature, function value add.
working together Technology powers ‘Information Management’ and CD-DataHouse provides a deeper understanding of the breadth and applicability of a vast number of Storage Technologies on the market.
CD-DataHouse’s ‘value add’ in this equation is understanding, integrating and delivering these technologies with a higher degree of commercial awareness and discernment than you will find with many other ‘Storage’ players.

As indicated – Our Technology Partners fall into two camps:

  • Superior Price/Performance value
  • Significant Technology ‘Value’ add through ‘next generation’ features

We look forward to discussing your requirements and outlining how our existing customers have benefited by achieving similar OR better performance as superior prices, by choosing Technology partners put forward by CD-DataHouse.