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The NexSan E60 arguably has the industry’s Highest Density of Storage per Rack Inch: along with an incredible ‘Cost Per TB’ that means the E60 is affordable to a wide range of sectors including Schools, Universities, Finance, Banking and Health.
Delivering unsurpassed Power Efficiency – Up to 87% savings in Power and Cooling with AutoMAID™ drive “in-activity” spin down technology.

Starting at a base 20TB configuration , the E60 also delivers:

  • 240 TB iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN Array
  • 60 disks in only 4U of rack space.
  • Mix SAS or SATA drives and combine in as many and differing RAIDsets as required.
  • An an optional expansion chassis expands the E60 to 480TB.
  • The NexSan E60 arguably has the industry’s Highest Density of Storage per Rack Inch with:
  • Unsurpassed Power EfficiencyUp to 87% savings in Power and Cooling with AutoMAID™ drive “in-activity” spin down technology
  • Start with a 20TB configuration on day 1 and scale as needed.

The NexSan E60 represents the ultimate High Density SAN Storage Solution for:

  • Oil/Gas and Seismic Processing
  • Medical Imaging and PACS archiving
  • Large Scale Document and Library Archives
  • High Definition Media Storage
  • BackUp and Restore

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A brief summary of technical specification follows, though download the DataSheets for a deeper review.

  • Custom ASIC RAID controllers deliver blistering RAID6 performance
  • Active Drawer Technology – slide in and slide out drawers, even when the SAN is powered on
  • 2x or 4x  8Gbps Fibre Channel Ports concurrent with 2 or 4 iSCSI Connections
  • Single or Dual Active/Active Array Controllers
  • Mix SATA and SAS drives to meet varying needs
  • Dual redundant hot-swap power supply units
  • Push and Pull cooling fans (front and back)
  • Legendary anti-vibration chassis design
  • 4GB of battery-backed / Flash protected cache
  • Dedicated hardware for RAID6 acceleration
  • 3 drawers of 20 drives each make swapping easy
  • Lights-out management
  • Microsoft VDS compliant
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Bob Hayes, Director of Technology for Artbeats, high-quality HD stock footage, talks about the value of having a single Nexsan storage solution that’s available, reliable and secure. Nexsan offered 42TB raw storage for half the price of other solutions. He highlights how Nexsan accommodates Artbeats’ 150TB of data, the simplicity of deployment and the rock-solid reliability and ease-of-use.
 Cory Pierce, IT Manager for engineering and architectural firm, Clark Enersen tells how Nexsan provides all the upper-tier features and backend management they need in an easy interface and at a low cost. He highlights the value of easy expansion without large expenditures.  
   A variety of NexSan customers speak briefly about their NexSan experiences
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Click to download the NexSan E60 Datasheet

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