Disaster Recovery, Instant Recovery and Tape Elimination (microsite)

civil-engineer Strand Engineering Associates

with 11 offices in the United States, was able to consolidate its backup and DR processes into one continuous standard procedure across all of its remote sites, saving 85 percent in time and operating costs.

saupload_commercial_real_estate2_5e4j CBRE Richard Ellis Europe

Industry: Real Estate

Read how CBRE, one of the worlds largest commercial real-estate groups, manages it’s 60TB of Storage in EMEA and ensures uptime and DR availability of it’s critical SQL and Oracle databases.


Download Further Storage and Data Protection Case Studies


Virtualisation improves machine HA, but not Application or Data Consistency

Virtualisation has no awareness of  ‘Data’, Applications and Application consistency of data recoverable.

Read how one of CD-DataHouse’s technical partners elegantly solves this problem when using VMWares SRM/

block-vmware-tap partner Technology that makes DR work

Read this VMWare TAP Paper (Technology Alliance Partner):

Better Business Continuity with VMware Virtual Infrastructure and FalconStor

ROBO White Paper

Briefing Paper Download:  DR across low WAN Bandwidth lines

Replicating Data across slow ‘ADSL speed’ lines is the limiting factor for many Remote Office replication/DR projects.


Our Approach to Disaster Recovery:

CD-DataHouse’s approach is ‘Application Centric. Without consistent and recoverable databases, a site fail-over may mean 10’s of hours of re-work before systems can even be bought online.


Consider a Disaster Recovery Assessment

SAN’s will ‘replicate’ your data, but that’s ‘10%’ of the effort.

DR is not just ‘site fail-over’, it’s also the complex process of ‘failing back’, potentially after many days of running at the remote DR site.