Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery is a capability every organisation needs, some have, but could often be done better.

In a disaster, Exchange is the #1 application Senior Management insist is bought on-line first.

FalconStor CDP (Continuous Data Protector) when applied to Microsoft Exchange offers the following unique benefits:

  • Roll the entire Exchange system back to any point in time
  • Recover any single email OR any single mail-box
  • In the event of an entire Exchange Server failing, ‘BareMetal Boot’ from the local FalconStor CDP appliance’s copy of Exchange’s  C:  E:  F:  ….  drives, and be up and running in 5-10 minutes
    • even bring a Failed Physical Server up within a VMware virtual machine, rather than requiring stand-by physical hardware
  • or for an entire site failure, bring Exchange on-line at your second ‘across the WAN’ DR site.
    • and do so without consuming large amounts of expensive WAN bandwidth
    • FalconStors CDP and WAN De-Duplication technology ensures that an 80-95% reduction in WAN traffic is achieved

Scroll down further to see a Video demonstration of  catastrophic Exchange failure and the subsequent rapid recovery.

Exchange CDP and Remote Replication

CDP Restore times for Exchange vs Traditional methods

[youtube tHbAYQVaC4s 550 344]