falconstorFalconStor – Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

FalconStor® VTL Enterprise Edition provides large organizations with high-performance enterprise-level disk-based data protection to meet backup demands, simplify tape management, and enhance tape security. It is integrated with FalconStor Single Instance Repository (SIR) to deliver post-process global deduplication without impacting the backup window. With SIR, only unique data blocks are replicated to the remote site, slashing network traffic over 95%. Offering multi-node scalability, FalconStor VTL emulates vast arrays of tape libraries, drives, and cartridges, ensuring complete backup transparency. By enabling companies to keep backup data on disk, FalconStor VTL significantly improves the speed and dependability of recovery.

FalconStor – Continuous Data Protector (CDP)

FalconStor® CDP delivers the most innovative backup and recovery solution to protect application servers, in large organizations. FalconStor CDP replaces conventional, slow tape-based solutions with the industry’s fastest, most granular recovery solution for mission-critical databases, messaging data, files, and even entire systems in the event of hardware or software failures and site-level disasters. With FalconStor CDP, you can replace or enhance your existing backup solution with continuous journaling and any-point-in-time recovery, to protect data between regularly scheduled backups, minimize data loss, and keep business going during planned or unplanned outages.

FalconStor – Network Storage Server (NSS)

FalconStor® NSS provides high-performance SAN primary storage combined with enterprise-class storage virtualization, provisioning, and management. Thin provisioning and capacity-on-demand capabilities help automate storage resource allocation and capacity management while virtualization provides centralized management for heterogeneous storage environments. FalconStor NSS includes the FalconStor TimeMark® snapshot capability for transactionally consistent, instant recovery to known points in time—helping IT meet recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Data stored on FalconStor NSS appliances may be replicated to another NSS appliance via IP for realtime disaster recovery (DR) protection. Delta-based FalconStor Replication uses FalconStor MicroScan™ technology, which reduces the amount of data being transferred by sending only the changed sectors within a block. Replication includes encryption for security and compression for reduced bandwidth requirements. FalconStor NSS appliances are available with internal and external storage.