VMware Data Protection, Deduplication, Replication, Backup

FalconStor Solutions for VMware Infrastructure

In light of today’s explosive IT infrastructure growth and complexity, organizations are increasingly adopting virtualization to consolidate IT resources, simplify management, and minimize overhead. Yet in order to fully capitalize on virtualization, they need to treat virtual and physical environments alike, protecting them in a cost-effective manner to ensure data availability and rapid recovery, while addressing new challenges created by resources consolidation. One of the most complex issues facing VMware users is how to protect data and ensure fast recovery without impacting the virtual environment.

FalconStor VMWare Overview

FalconStor solutions protect your virtual and physical server data with 100% transactional integrity, delivering the most rapid recovery at both the local and the remote site. With FalconStor softwareand VMware you can enable a fully virtualized infrastructure while saving money on your VMware deployments. You can:

* Achieve 99.999% availability of VMware infrastructure deployments with storage virtualization

* Reduce VMware management costs with storage consolidation

* Enable instant recovery of your VMware servers and virtual machines

* Slash your DR cost with DR automation and heterogeneous WAN-optimized replication

* Eliminate redundant data and shrink your backup repository by 95%

FalconStor solutions for VMware environments include:

Heterogeneous virtual storage

FalconStor Network Storage Server is an intelligent storage virtualization and provisioning platform that integrates with VMware Infrastructure to enable critical VMware enterprise features such as VMware VMotion, High Availability (HA), and Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS). FalconStor NSS provides highly available, centralized storage virtualization for VMware ESX and ESXi servers. This heterogeneous storage virtualization enables complete vendor and storage technology independence while delivering high performance storage area networks (SAN) over both iSCSI and Fibre Channel (FC).

Zero-impact unified backup and DR

Backup operations can be even more challenging in a virtual server environment than in a physical one. FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) integrates with VMware infrastructure to deliver seamless, automated, and impact-free backup processes for VMware servers and virtual machines. Furthermore, FalconStor CDP offers instant recovery locally and remotely to enable end to end data protection and recovery processes.


FalconStor VMWare Solution Brief