Find out why PACS providers such as GE and AGFA and PACS Integrators such as McKesson and Cerner choose NexSan Assureon Digital PACS Archiving storage to  protect and quickly access vital medical data.

Assureon ensures your PACS imaging and patient records are incorruptible and impervious to loss, tampering or accidental erasure.

Learn how you can have the same assurance with the most cost-efficient  disk archiving solution available, with the simplicity to achieve  lights-out self management in the single turnkey solution.

The Assureon Digital Archive provides:

  • Dual copies of all data are kept as standard or Quad copies of the data are kept if a second Assureon is located remotely across a WAN (e.g. at your second site)
  • Data is constantly checked against immutable digital fingerprints to ensure: 1) No Corruption 2) No Storage Media Errors 3) Or no tampering with records, data, time stamps or even time sources
  • Security: Ensure data on the Assureon can only be accessed by authorised staff, with a full Audit trail of who & when the data was accessed and 256 bit AES Encryption as appropriate and WORM lock as required
  • ‘Auto archiving’ from Windows ServersMulti-Tenancy permissions and administration

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