Nexsan-Dedupe SG

NexSan DeDupe SG – Highly Efficient Deduplication Storage

The only Dedupe with “SG” – Speed with Green

  • Save Storage – deduplication ratios of 10-30x and greaternexsan-dedupe-sg
  • a Save Time – up to 750MB/s via CIFS and NFS
  • a Save Energy – save 60% in energy between backups
  • Save Resources – easy NAS interface with auto-management
  • Save Space – industry leading density

DeDupe SG™ Overview

First generation deduplication systems focused on saving storage. Nexsan and FalconStor are redefining what you expect from a deduplication solution by delivering an ultra-efficient system that saves more than just capacity. DeDupe SG is faster to save time on backup and restore, greener to save energy between backups, simpler to save management resources and more dense to save space. Introducing DeDupe SG, the only highly efficient deduplication solution. By uniquely delivering “SG” – Speed with Green – DeDupe SG edges out the competition in performance while offering significant energy savings during idle times.

DeDupe SG™ is a complete, turn-key solution with all the necessary software and hardware leveraging Nexsan’s highly efficient storage combined with FalconStor’s high performance deduplication software engine (File-interface Deduplication System – FDS). DeDupe SG represents the next generation in data deduplication by reducing capacity costs while greatly improving operational efficiency.

DeDupe SG delivers performance that is 20% to 100% faster than competitive vendors by combining the latest high speed CPU processing technology with Nexsan’s high speed RAID subsystem. Not only is it faster, DeDupe SG is smarter by first writing and storing backups on its high speed disk cache (deduping at a later time or concurrently) so that backup tasks are completed in a fraction of the time.

DeDupe SG flexes its strength as the only highly efficient deduplication storage system. DeDupe SG doesn't just deliver speed, it delivers green. The typical backup window is 2-8 hours a day, yet all other dedupe solutions spin disks at full speed for the remaining 16-22 hours. By leveraging the green efficiencies inherent to Nexsan storage components and energy saving AutoMAID™ technology, DeDupe SG users not only get better performance during their backups, they save energy and reduce costs every hour the system is not in use – 65% savings when compared to other dedupe solutions and 95% when compared to normal disk storage.

There is a lot more hiding under the hood of DeDupe SG.

For a comprehensive view of the product, download the DeDupe SG product brochure. Also, consider a 3rd party analyst perspective by downloading the ESG brief on DeDupe SG.