NexSan E5000 NAS Family

NexSan E5000 NAS Family

from 8TB in 3U to 720TB in 19U of rackspace

NexSan introduce the E5000 NAS family, of high performance, “cost correct” NAS Filers, supporting NFS and CIFS/SMB.

Based on the Entry Level E5110, and the mid-level E5310, users can now expand from 8 disks (in 3U) starting at 8TB  to 240 disks (in 19U) to achieve 720TB of total capacity.

The E5000 family features:

  • Dual Clustered NAS Controllers
  • 1Gbe and/or 10Gbe ports
  • Numerous CPU, RAM and Solid State Storage performance expansion options
  • and 360TB RAW capacity in a 11U of rackspace
  • or 720 TB RAW capacity in 19U of rackspace
  • all with ‘idle’ drive spin down to bring Power consumption to the lowest levels possible
  • Enterprise Class Snapshot Technology
  • Enterprise Class WAN Replication Technology
  • supporting NFS V4, CIFS (SMB 1 and 2)
  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP
  • Native Integration with Microsoft’s VSS technology

Speed and Performance

The NexSan E5000 family can be configured with various RAMDisk and Solid State Storage options, with the E5310 configuration able to deliver up to 1.5TB of SSD cache.

For Sequential IO Read/Write data, these SSD and RAMDisk layers typically deliver x2.4 performance over a similarly configured ‘stand alone’ block level storage array and is typically x1.25 faster for Random IO.

NexSan E-Centre Manager 3D GUI

Using the revolutionary NexSan 3D GUI, file share, snapshot and replication setup of the E5310 can be achieved in under 15 minutes.