NexSan-NXS-B60E – 120TB of Storage in a 4U Rackspace

Storage efficiency just made a big leap forward with a 120TB solution so small, so efficient, so reliable, you will barely know it’s there. For the ultimate in high capacity, high density and power efficiency, the NXS-B60ETM expansion unit delivers 60 disks in only 4U of rack space to give IT professionals the most storage in the smallest footprint with enterprise-class reliability and stellar ease of use.

By attaching the NXS-B60E expansion unit to Nexsan’s SATABeast® or SASBeastTM storage systems, organizations are able to achieve new levels of efficiency with the ability to add more capacity while lowering power, space and cost requirements. When compared against typical arrays, the NXS-B60E delivers 3X the capacity, takes up 1/3 the space and consumes up to 87% less energy, resulting in an additional 87% reduction in cooling requirements. The net accumulation of NXS-B60E efficiency exponentially displaces cost requirements and carbon production.

Download PDF Datasheet: (NexSan NXS-B60E 60 Bay Expansion Unit)