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CD-DataHouse Limited is one of the leading NexSan Systems Implementors in the United Kingdom (UK).

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in implementing:

  • NexSan SATABeast iSCSI and FC Storage for Archive, BackUp and Transactional SAN Deployments
  • NexSan E5000 / NST 5000 NAS Solutions providing CIFS, NFS and now Unified iSCSI and FC Block storage

NexSan Implementation and Design Services

While NexSan products are relatively simple to install, devising a succesful SAN or NAS solution can be made simpler with our expertise.



NexSan Lab and Demonstration facilities

We maintain a NexSan Lab environment used specifically for customer demo’s, as well as NexSan performance testing.

A demonstration of NexSans Block Level or File Level storage capabilities can be performed in 10-15 minutes, though 30-40 minute demonstration will allow us to run through the following topics

  • NexSan Set-Up
  • NexSan Snapshot Technology
  • NexSan Replication
  • NexSan Chassis Design and Cooling
  • NexSan Management and Monitoring

NexSan Support in the UK and Europe

CD-DataHouse provides extensive levels of support to our SAN and NAS customers.

Ranging from:

  • a simple quarterly NexSan Health check
  • ongoing daily – per incident support
  • Level 1 and Level 2 support in advance of a call being passed to NexSan
  • NexSan Diagnostics