NexScan GUI

NexScan GUI ® is the embedded WEB enabled GUI (Graphical User Interface). NexScan provides access to your SATABeast system from any standard internet browser or from any host computer either directly connected or via a LAN or WAN. NexScan is platform independent. No software or patches required.

  • Shows status of disk drives, power supplies, fans, RAID controller. Information is automatically refreshed at scheduled intervals.
  • Single click access to summary of all problems and warnings.
  • Event log for all significant events stored on disk.
  • Array is verified before being put into production; automatic “parity scrub” (array verify) is performed as a background task every 24 hours thereafter.
  • Additional access via the RS-232 serial port or network interface to an ANSI terminal or emulator.
  • Complete hardware status page lists all significant hardware conditions such as voltages, temperature, battery mode, cache settings, network settings, and blower RPM
  • Supports automatic IP address assignment via DHCP, manually using IP Gleaning, over serial port, or via web page.
  • Cache management page allows configuration of cache as enabled or disabled, or remotely settable via standard SCSI commands
  • SMART environmental monitoring support.
  • DNS support for symbolic addresses.
  • Build RAID sets (and set RAID level and stripe size), partition RAID sets into Volumes, map Volumes to LUNs and host ports, and manage spares
  • For each drive, complete Model Name, Capacity, Serial Number, and Firmware Revision is reported along with errors and retries, if any.
  • Alerts and warnings sent out using SMTP email alerts with problem summary, hyperlink to the enclosure management page, plus user-defined fields.
  • Extra security feature requires manual confirmation of destructive media operations.
  • Battery-backed Clock/Calendar is used to time stamp all major events
  • Configure and monitor subsystem using any standard web browser.