Quantum Products

Quantum Tape Drives and Libraries From Quantums stackable and flexible work group libraries up to their highly reliable Enterprise solutions, Quantum tape drives and libraries seamlessly manage and protect business critical data in all business environments. With an emphasis on investment optimization, Quantums tape drives and libraries grow with your business needs and capitalize on your initial investment. Their certified, global service and support, paired with over 20 years of engineering innovation and excellence make Quantum tape drives and libraries second to none.

Quantum DLT S4 Quantum DLT-S4 Tape Drive

  • Unprecedented 800GB native and 1.6TB compressed capacity
  • High performance compressed transfer rate of 432 GB/hr*
  • 50% less tape cartridges to manage than any other performance drive in the market


Quantum SDLT 600 Quantum SDLT-600 Tape Drive

  • High Capacity and Enhanced Manageability for Growing Businesses
  • Compressed capacity up to 600GB
  • Compressed performance up to 259GB/hour


Quantum SDLT 600A Quantum SDLT-600A Tape Drive

  • Quantum’s SDLT 600A is the first data tape system enhanced for professional video
  • Each cartridge holds 300GB of information and allows faster-than-real-time transfer rates of up to 288 Mb/sec
  • The SDLT 600A is a network-attached device so it can be directly connected to any network and accessed by every edit workstation


Quantum DLT-V4 Quantum DLT-V4 Tape Drive

  • Up To 320GB* Capacity
  • Up to a 20MB/SEC* transfer rate
  • Enhanced Manageability with DLTSage


Quantum DLT-VS160 Quantum DLT-VS160 Tape Drive

  • Up To 160GB* Capacity
  • Up to a 16MB/SEC* transfer rate
  • Backup ready solution


Quantum PX-720 Quantum PX-720 Tape Library

  • Accommodates from one to 20 SDLT320, SDLT 600, DLT-S4, LTO-2 , LTO-3, LTO-4 drives and up to 726 media slots – scaling to over 3,600 slots
  • Boasts an impressive capacity of up to 581TB and performance of 11.5 TB/hr per single frame
  • High availability, Web-based management and redundant components plus installation


Quantum PX-502 Quantum PX-502 Tape Library

  • Up to 2 drives
  • 32 DTL or 38 LTO cartridges
  • Storagecare guardian


Quantum Superloader3 Quantum Superloader 3

  • Up to 25.6TB Capacity
  • Up to 864GB/HR Transfer Rate
  • Backup Ready Solution


Quantum LTO-4 HH Quantum LTO-4 HH

  • Up to 800GB Native Capacity
  • Up to 120MB/sec Transfer Rate
  • AES 256-BIT Data Encryption Security Feature


Quantum LTO-3 HH Quantum LTO-3 HH

  • Up to 400GB Native Capacity
  • Up to 245GB/hr Transfer Rate
  • Backup Ready solution


Quantum LTO-2 HH Quantum LTO-2 HH

  • Up to 400GB Native Capacity
  • Up to 245GB/hr Transfer Rate
  • Backup Ready solution