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  • CommVault File and Email Analytics

    November 20, 2019

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  • CommVault V11 SP15 vmWare VM Snapshot Status

    May 5, 2019

    April-2019: Service Pack 15 for CommVault Version 11 has been released. Here's one of our favourite features.

    CommVault Create Snapshot Duration and Delete Snapshot Duration.. !



    CommVault Create Snapshot Duration and Delete Snapshot Duration.

    We'd often trawl the CommVault logs for this information - or access it via the vSphere console.

    Its now part of the CommVault VMware backup status! -

    I hope you find it as useful as we have.

    1.    Are you running your own infrastructure, network, network security & server infrastructure to deliver this backup service

    2.    Can I visit the datacentre where my data will be stored, and see the systems/hardware being used

    3.    Will  your own company staff provides this tour and can you discuss in depth how your systems function

    4.    Will it always be your own staff managing this function or will you subcontract / outsource the critical handling of my data

    5.    If you are reselling a Cloud Service, how many layers are there between you and the party running the actual Veeam Cloud Connect service

    6.    Who will my contract be with
    7.    Will my data be stored in the UK?(England, Scotland, Wales, or Other)

    8.    Will my data be sent outside of the UK

    9.    Can I have the address of the Datacentre location facility?

    10.    If I need to recover 5TB how will that work?
    a.    My systems are down and I can’t wait 5 days to recover the data across the WAN. How will you recover my data quickly?  
    b.    What are your charges to help me in this scenario?

    11.    When I need to restore, how much bandwidth can you make available to me
    12.    Who within your company has access to the datacentre?
    a.    What roles do they perform?
    b.    How do you log their activity?

    13.    Describe the firewall technology you use to protect your points of entry into your datacentre

    14.    We will be sending our Data Encrypted to you?
    a.    How will this affect your back end storage growth?
    b.    What implications will it have for the data we restore?
    c.    Are there any implications for recovery?
    15.    What’s your process for monitoring the health of the underlying disks holding the backups?
    a.    How can I be sure
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