EMC VNXe SAN – Whats new in 2013

EMC VNXe SAN – Whats new in 2013
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The great thing about working with EMC, is the longevity of support they have for their products and the regular patches and upgrades they release.
One of our favorite ‘small’ SANs is the EMC VNXe 3150 and 3300 family.

Here’s an idea where they sit in the EMC small to mid-range family:


EMC VNXe 1 resized 600

The VNXe’s are ideal for ‘driving’ the entire storage load for am information ‘centric’  business (typically) in the 50-200 staff range

(With the general mix of 1-2 exchange servers, a few SQL databases, file Servers, 2-4 ESX Servers – i.e. a typical general commercial smaller business)

Though a fully configured VNXe 3300 could easily drive the performance and capacity requirements of a less information centric business of 600-1000 staff – eg  typically a business where only 1/4 to 1/3rd of the users are online at any point in time.


EMC Unisphere resized 600

Through expansion trays (sometimes called shelves) the VNXe 3150 supports up to 100 drives, and approximately 200TB of raw storage, whle the VNXe 3300 systems, can attach 150 drives with raw capacity of 240TB.

One feature we have been waiting for, and EMC appears to be ahead of the game, is  SMB 3.0 support, which makes the VNXe an ideal platform for Hyper V roll-outs.

We also have new RAID Configs, including a 10+2 RAID 6 and a 10+1 RAID 5 option.

We’re not sure about the 10+1 RAID 5, as that seems slighlt exposed from a data protection angle, but the 10+2 RAID 6 is a worthwhile inclusion