NexSan NST5000 Family of Unified NAS– 2013 Updates–5 PetaBytes and beyond

NexSan NST5000 Family of Unified NAS– 2013 Updates–5 PetaBytes and beyond
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NexSan has released V2.1 of the NexSan operating system for its family of NAS Systems – though they should be correctly defined as Unified storage systems.

While the initially supported file based Protocols such as NFS and CIFS, the systems now support iSCSI block level exports.

Highlights of the new release, include physical expansion upgrades to the NST5000 family, such as:


  • Up to 5 Petabytes of capacity
  • Enhancements to the Active/Active clustering feature set
  • eMLC SSD’s have been certified for the Read Cache – thus reducing the expense associated with the previous SLC Read Cache SSD’s
    • and also increase the overall read cache capacity at a lower price (MLC’s being traditionally lower in cost than SLC’s)
  • The inclusion of the E48 and E48x (48 drive bay) systems for storage expansion
  • Certification of 4TB drives within the NST5000 family
    • That’s how we obtain 240TB of capacity per 4U of rack space
  • ‘Double E-Series’ Expansion
    • Where an E60 (housing the active RAID electronics) would allow a single E60x (JBOD Expansion rack to the E60)
      • a single E60 is now certified to allow TWO E60x’s to cascade from the E60’s electronics
  • Improved (faster) Async Replication, through the use of in-line deduplication during replication


  • The enhanced NexSan 3D Management GUI