Restore my VM from VMware to Hyper-V

Restore my VM from VMware to Hyper-V
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CommVaults recent updates have introduced new and useful features into the Simpana 10 family.

Any VMware VM backed up can now be directly restored into Hyper V.

Better Still – This is a reversable process – Hyper_v VM’s can be restored into VMware


Here are some use cases we can see:

  • Test/Dev:
    1. Your Production environment is VMware, but for cost or other reasons you have a range of existing Hyper-V server
    2. The Dev team can use Simpana to create their Hyper-V VM’s from VMware


  • Disaster Recovery
    1. You might have VMware running in production at your Head Office Data centre, but the branch offices  use Hyper-V
    2. Your branch offices are backed up across the WAN the HeadOffice
    3. You can now DR, restore and run those Branch Office Hyper-V  VM’s back at Head-Office

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