Data Deduplication

DeDupe blocksDeDuplication means we end up with ‘less’ bits and bytes to manage, but have lost no information.

The DeDupe process is often thought to only apply to data moving from disk to ‘backup disk’ or tape, but it also applies to data moving across WAN’s – in fact to any movement of data where ‘less bits’ has an advantage.

And here in lies the dilemma – The ‘Cost of DeDuping’ and then ‘UnDeDuping’ (when we want access to our data), needs to be carefully weighed up in the context of the advantage we hope to receive.

Sounds simple?

Yet CD-DataHouse has worked with many clients and often found:

  • Those that should be DeDuping arent
  • and that many who are DeDuping could achieve a similar ‘benefit’ using a range of other technologies and methodologies and as such radically lower the investment to achieve ‘DeDupe’

messbox Contact us if you feel you ‘Need to DeDupe’ and we can send you a basic ‘DeDupe’ questionnaire that will help you determine your correct path.