Remote Branch Data Protection

Remote Branch Data Protection

Backups at remote offices is slow, unreliable and fraught with recovery issues especially if you have to rely on remote non-IT staff.

Industry analyst studies indicate that over 70% of data resides outside of the corporate data center today and companies need to make sure it is all protected.

Yet many small and mid-sized organizations find that critical remote servers can go 2-3 nights without an effective backup being taken.

Developing a Remote Branch Data Protection strategy to manage backup, recovery and availability in remote offices delivers the following benefits:

  • Easier, less costly remote office backup
  • Centralized data storage for central backup or off site disaster recovery
  • Continuous data protection to help keep data and information accurate, supporting regulatory compliance initiatives.
  • Centralized and automated management means your IT staff can focus more on growing the business.

Remote Branch Data Protection is critical to ensure data and service continuity for small to medium sized businesses.