Storage and SANS-retired

As prices for raw storage plummet, up has sprung numerous vendors offering very compact and energy efficient Storage Arrays, be they Direct Attached (DAS), SAN’s or NAS.

The rate of technical change in Storage leaves even ‘industry insiders’ unable to “keep up” with the many options on offer.

And even when you know ‘all the options’ and component parts –  how they then  combine, integrate or ‘blend’, generates an even greater number of permutations.

Decisions your business may previously have made relating to >>

  • the Brand of Storage you use
  • the Type of Storage (DAS, NAS or SAN)
  • the protocols you connect your Storage with
    • FC protocol, iSCSI protocol , CIFS, NFS
  • the type of Drives  SATA (7.2K RPM);  SAS (7.2K RPM, 10K RPM, 15K RPM)
  • and many other design points

>> do not have to form the basis of your future storage decisions.


Storage is an ‘incremental’ process, and with the right advice and guidance, business’s can add different storage types  and use them  for differing Application and Performance purposes.

Running out of Storage Capacity?

There is no need to continue to ‘upgrade’ that expensive 3 Year old array you have.

Instead, with 10TB of Storage now available for 5-6K GBP, it is possible to ‘complement’ your existing Storage, with new, lower cost, lower energy offerings.

And having dissimilar ‘storage’ talking to one another is not the ‘problem’ it was 5-10 years ago.

CD-DataHouse can discuss specific case examples where clients have saved significantly on their ‘next’ storage decision by integrating and blending new storage options into their existing architecture.