Windows File Archiving – EMC DiskXtender

windows-archiving-product-diskxtenderWindows File Archiving – Introduction

EMC DiskXtender for Windows offers highly scalable data management software to enable a tiered storage strategy. DiskXtender for Windows transparently migrates inactive or infrequently accessed files to archive storage devices, without changing the user’s view or access. It provides a best practices file archiving solution through the ability to migrate files to multiple archive storage devices, adding flexibility as well as extra layers of protection for archived data.

DiskXtender for Windows assists organizations in reducing storage costs, simplifying capacity management, ensuring consistent data-retention policies, and locating files quickly when needed for audit, analysis, and eDiscovery. For document discovery, DiskXtender for Windows offers an optional search module that gives you the ability to index data on a DiskXtender for Windows–managed drive and then later search and view the data.


Windows File Archiving – Features

Policy engine
Migrate data from primary storage to up to four archive devices simultaneously.

Index and search
Locate documents by searching for keywords and phrases across DiskXtender-managed archives.

Transparent data access
Ensure that end-users and applications can access files regardless of storage location.

EMC Centera integration
Store fixed content automatically and prevent file modification or deletion.

Inactive data offloads
Reduce backup windows by offloading inactive data from primary storage.

Ultradensity optical support
Leverage the new 30GB standard for professional optical storage.