DotHill Entry Level iSCSI 2330 array

Dot Hill 2330 Entry-level iSCSI Storage Array (Build a SAN)

Easy to set up and manageThe 2330 offers better price/performance for any sized company whether weighed on price/IOPS, or price per user, and is certified by MS for the Exchange environment. The 2330 storage array is ideal for any sized business’s Ethernet SAN, offering inexpensive expansion, support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and SuSE, complete with FalconStor and VMware certification.

The entry-level 2330 storage array provides four 1Gb ISCSI interfaces to allow customers to build an Ethernet based SAN. The 2330 supports a wide variety of SAS, SATA-II, and SSD drives — allowing customers to chose the performance and storage capacity that they need.

The 2330 includes sixteen built-in AssuredSnap™ snapshots which can be scheduled to meet data protection requirements. Sixty four additional snapshots can also be purchased to provide more frequent backups for business critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange email systems.

The 2330 iSCSI storage array adapts to a broad range of SAN applications, and the capability to mix both SATA and SAS technology within a single disk enclosure provides an optimum tiered storage environment for information lifecycle management.

An internal SAS interface allows up to five disk enclosures (including the RAID enclosure) delivering a total of 56 drives.


Storage Form Factor

* 2 rackunit

* Features 3.5 inch SAS, SATA, or SSD storage drives

* 602mm depth

Built in Redundancy

* RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50

* Redundant, hot swap components

Performance and Scalability

* Utilizes existing Ethernet network infrastructures

* Data rates up to 1Gb/sec. (iSCSI)

* Same sector cache hits of 90,000 IOPS

* Dual or single RAID controller or JBOD

* Can expand up to 5 disk enclosures and 56TB (using 1TB SATA drives)

Data Protection and Management

* Built-in snapshot capability with AssuredSnap™

* AssuredCopy™ – additional data protection with full volume copies

* Built-in schedule capability

* RAIDar management interface and CLI

Environmentally Responsible with Lower TCO

* EcoStor™ – Economically and environmentally sound technologies

o SimulCache™ – Low latency cache mirroring

o Battery-free cache backup

o DC power option

* RoHS-6 and WEEE compliant

Dot Hill Makes Storage Easy

Dot Hill is a proven leader in scalable and modular enterprise quality storage solutions that deliver greater overall value. With our world-class support, patented technology and award-winning families of storage and Dot Hill Storage Services, Dot Hill makes storage easy.