FalconStor NSS Network Storage Server

FalconStor NSS Network Storage Server for the Enterprise

TOTALLY Open™ enterprise-class storage virtualization, provisioning, and management

FalconStor HC600 Series SAN

FalconStor NSS provides high-performance SAN primary storage combined with enterprise-class storage virtualization, provisioning, and management. Thin provisioning and capacity-on-demand capabilities help automate storage resource allocation and capacity management while virtualization provides centralized management for heterogeneous storage environments. FalconStor NSS includes the FalconStor TimeMark® snapshot capability for transactionally consistent, instant recovery to known points in time—helping IT meet recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Data stored on FalconStor NSS appliances may be replicated to another NSS appliance via IP for realtime disaster recovery (DR) protection. Delta-based FalconStor Replication uses FalconStor MicroScan™ technology, which reduces the amount of data being transferred by sending only the changed sectors within a block. Replication includes encryption for security and compression for reduced bandwidth requirements. FalconStor NSS appliances are available with internal and external storage.


* High-speed Fibre Channel (FC) SAN support for high performance

* Supports InfiniBand (iSER) for a single, high-speed connection for both network and storage

* iSCSI SAN included for flexibility

* Appliances available with high-speed SAS or cost effective SATA drives

* Thin provisioning and capacity on demand to centralize and automate storage resource allocation and capacity management

* The only 2-node active-active solution offering complete redundancy for ultra-high availability

* Application-aware Snapshot Agents ensure 100% transactional and point-in-time integrity, without lengthy consistency checks

* TimeMark® technology enables fast, intelligent rollback to any point in time

* TimeView® technology creates an accessible, mountable delta snapshot image to create multiple and instantaneous virtual copies of an active data set for temporary use

* Effective DR using FalconStor Replication to copy data offsite across any distance over IP

* Block-level delta-based replication via MicroScan technology to overcome bandwidth constraints.

* Data encryption ensures end-to-end security without additional overhead

* HyperTrac™ Backup Accelerator technology improves backup to tape by over 400%

* Microsoft VSS-compliant; integrated with Oracle RMAN, ASM

* Appliances certified for VMware Virtual Infrastructure

FalconStor NSS is available as software and turnkey appliances.

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