VMware SRM Site Recovery Manager

VMware SRM Site Recovery Manager – Heterogeneous Replication

FalconStor CDP is tightly integrated with VMware  Site Recovery Manager to manage and automate the DR process and reduce costs

Through integration with VMware Infrastructure and hosted applications, FalconStor CDP delivers advanced data protection with 100% transactional integrity for virtualized applications. This solution reduces recovery times and enables continuous data availability during storage or system failure. Integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager further streamlines DR processes and enables automated, reliable failover and failback operations. WAN-optimized replication technology accelerates DR processes, reducing network bandwidth requirements by as much as 99%. Availability of VMware environments is improved significantly, reducing the operational and implementation costs of DR:

* Heterogeneous DR environments — FalconStor CDP supports VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager and enables replication between heterogeneous storage infrastructures at both sites. There is no need to purchase identical new storage to enable the replication process, which helps you realize rapid and significant cost savings for VMware DR deployments.

* WAN-optimized replication — This standard feature of FalconStor replication minimizes network bandwidth requirements while accelerating the replication process managed by VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

* Instant recovery — Transactionally consistent point-in-time copies are replicated between sites to support failover and failback operations. The virtual environment can be recovered immediately without relying on the application recovery capability, for the shortest possible recovery time objective (RTO).

* Automated failback — FalconStor Auto-failback Manager for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager completes the DR infrastructure by fully automating the failback process. The same level of automation is provided in the failback process to eliminate the tedious and error-prone manual setup required to reverse the direction of all replication and DR settings. This enables completely seamless DR operations and significantly reduces time and cost impact.

Enabling DR across physical and virtual infrastructures

Offering complete DR readiness in an enterprise environment, FalconStor RecoverTrac enables physical-to-virtual (P2V) recovery for virtualized server environments. When combined with the remote replication capabilities of FalconStor CDP, it enables you to smoothly implement DR plans and solutions by leveraging virtualized servers at the remote site. This reduces the cost of DR processes in the physical server infrastructure and offers a unified DR solution for the entire data center.