NexSan B60 – 60 Disks in 4U  

NexSan B60: NexSan B60 DataSheet

120 TB iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN Array
delivering 60 disks in only 4U of rack space  – mixing SAS or SATA drives

with the an optional expansion chassis to expand to 240TB

The NexSan B60 arguably has the industry’s Highest Density of Storage per Rack Inch with:

Unsurpassed Power Efficiency

Up to 87% savings in Power and Cooling with AutoMAID™ drive  “in-activity” spin down technology


The NexSan B60 represents the ultimate High Density SAN Storage Solution for:

Oil/Gas and Seismic Processing

Medical Imaging and PACS archiving

Large Scale Document and Library Archives

High Definition Media Storage

BackUp and Restore

Feature Summary, though more details are available in the downloadable Spec Sheets High Performance

Custom ASIC RAID controllers deliver blistering RAID6 performance
Active Drawer Technology – active drawers allow for easy, hot-swappable management of extreme density

2 or 4 8Gbps Fibre Channel Ports concurrent with 2 or 4 iSCSI Connections

Single or Dual Active/Active Array Controllers

Mix SATA and SAS drives to meet varying needs
Dual redundant hot-swap power supply units


Hot-swap cooling fans frontal and back for both pushing and pulling air
Legendary anti-vibration chassis design

4GB of battery-backed / Flash protected cache

Dedicated hardware for RAID6 acceleration

3 drawers of 20 drives each make swapping easy

Lights-out management

Microsoft VDS compliant

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