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Unitrends- is a single Integrated Hardware Backup Appliance featuring Adaptive DeDuplication and unlimited deployment of Agents for Physical Servers and Hyper-V and VMware Hosts

Unitrends: Download your Free Version.

The Software can be downloaded as a VMware Appliance or a Hyper-V Appliance

Either version is capable of protecting up to 4 VM’s on either Hyper-V or VMware.

Simply enter your 1) Name 2) Email address and 3) Whether you will run the Software as a VMware or Hyper-V Appliance.

The download link will follow.

PS: Any further information you enter- or if you wish to be contacted for further details, is up to you – please drop in any details you think are relevant.

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    Which HyperVisor will run the Unitrends Software

    VMware ESXVMware ESXi (free)Hyper-V Windows 2012Hyper-V Core

    Backup, Archiving,
    DeDuplication, Baremetal-Restore

    WAN Replication, VMware, Linux, Unix, Windows, Novell, OS/400 and more

    • From 1 to 10’s of Terabytes of DeDuplicated Backup capacity
    • 20:1 DeDupe ratios
    • Backed up locally across your LAN
    • Or between two Unitrends appliances across your WAN

    Pick the right size Appliance for your needs. Unitrends ships as:

    • 1U/2U/3U rack appliances
    • Desktop Units
    • or as a VMware Virtual Appliance.

    Easy Recovery – Just Pick a Point in Time

    The restore pane is made up of a recovery point, a recovery point time table and a graphical representation of a 24-hour day. With this graphical interface, it’s simple to identify the intervals of time from which to restore.